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WA Gender Project


WA Gender Project is a lobby, education and advocacy group based in Perth, Western Australia. The aims of the organisation are to:

  • advance the human rights of all transsexual, transgender and intersex (TTI) people - irrespective of medical treatment undertaken - and their significant others;
  • increase and improve access to services for TTI people by working with individuals, professional bodies and other community organisations; and to
  • act as a resource, and provide information and education regarding transgender, transsexual, and intersex issues.

WA Gender Project is not a support group. However, we maintain links to other organisations who can provide assistance and support. If you are seeking support, please see the links section of our website for further information.

If you'd like to learn more about what we do, why not check out our current and past campaigns at the campaigns section of the website. Not sure where we stand on a particular issue? Check out our position statements in the resources section.



17 May 2012
Trans woman wins case in State Administrative Tribunal
Today, the State Administrative Tribunal confirmed that hormone therapy alone is sufficient for a legal change of sex.
Read a media release here.

6 October 2011
Trans men win right to be considered male in High Court
Two trans men who were previously granted the right to change their birth certificates by the State Administrative Tribunal, but then subsequently lost an appeal in the Supreme Court, have finally won their case in the High Court of Australia. Importantly, the High Court found that surgery was not required under Western Australian legislation.
Read the decision here.

14 September 2011
Getting a passport is now easier for transgender and transsexual people
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has revised its passports policy. Transgender and transsexual people will no longer have to undergo surgery before they can obtain a passport showing the correct sex. Read more...

28 January 2011
German Constitutional Court declares compulsory surgeries unconstitutional
A German court has found that transsexual people should not be forced to undergo surgery to obtain legal recognition of their sex. Read more...

20 December 2010
Submissions to Australian Human Rights Commission consultation published
Submissions to the recent consultation on protection from discrimination on the basis of sexuality, sex, and gender, were published today. Read more...

16 November 2010
Australian Human Rights Register to receive entries up until May 2011
The Australian Human Rights Register, a place for NGOs to share their experiences of service delivery, has extended its deadline until May 2011. Read more...

6 September 2010
Trans men lose right to be considered male
Two trans men who were granted the right to change their birth certificate in a decision of the State Administrative Tribunal have now seen this reversed in the Court of Appeal. The Court found that genital surgery is necessary before transsexual people can change their birth certificate, and be legally recognised as the sex with which they identify.
The men plan to appeal the decision in the High Court. Read more...

10 April 2010
The first International Congress on Gender Identity and Human Rights will be held in Barcelona, 4-6 June 2010. Read more at the conference website.

31 July 2009
Launch of report into intersex human rights
Earlier this month, the Australian Human Rights Commission released a report on surgical intervention in intersex infants. Read more...

17 March 2009
Launch of Sex Files: the Legal Recognition of Sex in Documents and Government Records
The report of the Australian Human Rights Commission's sex and gender diversity project was released today.
The report identifies some problems with the existing systems for recognising sexual identity in documents and government records. It also makes recommendations for changing the system and provides options for implementing these changes. Read more...

09 May 2008
The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) is seeking to hear from people about the most pressing human rights issues faced by people who are transgender, transsexual or intersex. Read more...

13 August 2007
URGENT: The Minister for Foreign Affairs recently signed an order that denies passports to transsexual people.
Read more at the SX and SAGE websites, and help by signing the petition.

21 June 2007
The WA Gender Project website has a fresh new look.

13 April 2007
WA Gender Project's campaign for a national inquiry into discrimination experienced by TTI people was launched today. Read more...

28 February 2007
The WA Transgender, Transexual and Intersex Health and Wellbeing Survey has closed.

08 October 2006
The first ever large-scale study of the health needs and status of TTI people living in Western Australia was launched today.
WA Gender Project is proud to support the study and we encourage all eligible people to participate.

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